Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Car Review Ford Fiesta Classic

The Ford Fiesta may not be the cheapest car in the sedan segment but certainly not the smallest. This car is spacious enough not to be considered as a penalty box. This car offers handsome mileage in this rigid new fuel economy system.

The new Fiesta Classic bears stylish looks. The car lives up to its company’s reputation. You will get exactly what you see in the car. It offers a fun-to-drive experience to the customer. This car encompasses remarkable steering and handling and a lively maneuverable feel. It holds extraordinary balance on the road and superb suspension. The engine of the car is responsive. These qualities make this car better than its counterparts do. The interior and the features of this car are exceptional. The interior department holds an abundance of new introductions. To suit the growing requirement of the customers the car comes in both diesel and petrol engine options in three variants viz., LXI, CLXI, and the Titanium model.

Performance of the vehicle


The new Ford Fiesta Classic holds a 1.6 CXI Duratec 1.6 litre four, 99.6 bhp engine. Such a powerful engine provides 146 Nm of torque. A 5-speed manual transmission gearbox powers it, which is a standard across all variants.

You can be sure of the drive quality of the Ford cars. It runs smoothly and flawlessly. You will not get any surprises in this section. You experience a stimulating gush of power served by the V8. It runs through the faultless shifts fluently as one increase its speed. The braking system of the car is excellent and powerful. It comprises of an anti-lock braking system that works effectively and accurately. You get a satisfactory experience when accelerating the vehicle. With an efficient and crisp steering feature, you get a comfortable ride. You need not worry about the bumps on the road while driving the Classic version of this car. It takes in the bumps efficiently offering you a velvety drive. The suspension features of the car are excellent and are especially tuned to cater you with a relaxing and comfortable drive.

Styling and Build

The mesmerizing look of the Ford vehicles has been enhanced and brought forth in the newly launched Classic version of this car. The exterior design of the car has hardly changed except for the ‘Classic’ insignia at the back. However, the interiors of the car have undergone a transformation. Several additions are made keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the people at large.

The new interior features a fancy 2 DIN MP3 player, the centre console in liquid metal, seat fabric inspired from racetrack, and the trim bearing metallic insets. The air conditioning features electric re-circulation and a heater. Power steering features the tilt adjustable column. The electric boot release and the front and rear power windows are standard features in all variants.

The safety features includes airbags for driver and front passenger, ABS (anti-lock braking system) with EBD, programmable keyless entry, auto re-locking, central locking and Passive Anti-Theft System.

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