Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Car Review Hyundai Verna The Right Information Before Buying

It won the hearts of many that gave it the recognition to win many awards. It was also awarded the BS motoring “performance car of the year 2007”. Later in the same year the car was renamed as the Verna Transform. No doubt, the car was not as hit of its previous version and the sales were badly hit. Sooner the Hyundai India launched the masterpiece of the new Hyundai Verna. The car is the perfect example of the luxury, power and style.

The new Verna is more fuel-efficient than its previous models and a complete segment of new features is loaded into it. This new model was based on the Fluidic Sculpture philosophy, which is nothing but the design that is configured according to the philosophy of the nature with the natural rhythm of life being used. The sporty exteriors and the curvaceous body make the car a hit among the car lovers and the aerodynamic shape is in complete coherence with the ergonomic interiors. There are a number of highlights of this car such as better fuel efficiency, powerful performance, tested quality and reliability making the car a new revolution in the car market. The Good looks and use of the latest technology adds to the reasons why buyers are looking for this car. The various colors that are available in this sedan are Phantom Black, Crystal White, Purple Fantasia, Stone Beige and Carbon Grey.

Performance And Engine

The car is the perfect blend of the unmatched power and outstanding design. All these features are possible because of the latest engine technologies being used in the car. The buyers have the sure shot choice of the 4 engines out of which two are diesel and two are petrol. The car is available in the six petrol models and the seven diesel models. The sedan is available in the petrol versions of 1.4 VTVT and the 1.6 VTVT. The power rating is the 105.5 BHP and the 121.3 BHP both at the 6300 RPM respectively of the engines. The torque configurations are 135.3 NM at 5000 RPM and 154.9 NM at 4200 RPM respectively of both the engines. The two engines available in the diesel version are 1.4 liter CRDi VGT and the 1.6 liter CRDi VGT. The power ratings are the 88.7 BHP at 4000 RPM at the torque of 219.9 NM at 2000 RPM while the second version is capable of running at the 126.3 BHP at 4000 RPM and a torque of 259.8 at 2000 RPM. The engine design is basically as per the norms of the Euro V. There is the feature of the 5 speed manual transmission in the petrol designs whereas 6 speed manual transmissions in the diesel engines.

Interiors And Exteriors

The exterior of the car is certainly eye pleasing. The alloy wheels add to the sporty looks of the car and the headlights add to the beauty of the car. The Interiors showcase the European philosophy and the interior wooden look gives the new meaning to the stylishness to the car. The folding mirrors and the indicators are the first in this Verna category. Features such as supervision cluster, clean air ionizer, parking camera and sensors make the sedan the best in the Verna category. Instrument cluster, 2 DIN audio system, Bluetooth is some of the distinguishing features that are added to this new Hyundai Verna. Along with this the central locking system, 6 air bags and the disk brakes are some other highlights.

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